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The Bafaw Language: Bantu A10

Wednesday 22 December 2010, author(s)-editor(s) Emmanuel N. Chia, Vincent A. Tanda

The Bafaw Language (Bantu A10) is a product of the language research programme of the Department of Linguistics of the University of Buea. It is the first serious piece of work on this highly endangered language, and aims to account generally for the data of Bafaw. The work therefore lays the foundation for more advanced work in the future. It provides a description of: the phonology, i.e. the sound system; the morphology or lexis; and the syntax of the Bafaw language. The work goes far beyond to provide a sociolinguistic survey of the Bafaw language community, and offers a discussion of functional literacy in Bafaw, the development of an orthography and the thematic glossary of the language. The book provides a useful resource for the Bafaw language development and an inspiration for further research and scholarship.

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ISBN 9789956578696 | 190 pages | 216mm x 140mm | 2010 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback