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Kingdom of Mankon: Aspects of History, Language, Culture, Flora and Fauna

Wednesday 22 December 2010, author(s)-editor(s) Christopher Chi Che

This book is a descriptive and documentary analysis of the Mankon I-language and E-language mirrored through aspects of history, geography, flora and fauna. These aspects manifest in the taxonomic nomenclatures attributed to referents in society. Because these referents were hitherto transmitted orally from generation to generation, the author has painstakingly analysed and documented aspects of Mankon culture for posterity. The work focuses in particular on Mankon proverbs for insights into the structure and function of the language. As a vehicle of communication, language plays a primordial role in encoding and decoding ’metalinguistic’ data. Through thorough scientific linguistic universals and principals, Chi Che has proposed orthography for Mankon pedagogy that is simple, tenable and practicable. This book is the answer to the international clarion call for societies to analyse and document their endangered indigenous cultures. Schools, linguists, sociolinguists, anthropologists, historians and others will find this book especially useful.

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ISBN 9789956578092 | 370 pages | 216 x 140 mm | B/W Illustrations and Maps | 2010 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback

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