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An Evil Meal of Evil

2009, author(s)-editor(s) Kehbuma Langmia

An Evil Meal of Evil is a play about greed and its consequences. Set in the traditional African village of ‘Ntisong’, the play exposes the complexities of unravelling the issue of Death. Sunyin, the young wife of Dohbani epitomizes what is wrong with coerced marriages. A group of blood thirsty vampires popularly known in the village as members of ‘Nda Saah’ superstitiously kill targeted individuals purposely to enrich themselves. Sunyin, the protagonist in the play suffers from a premature widowhood simply because her father Njukebim forced her into marrying Dohbani. As the play unravels with the culprit of ‘Nda Saah’ brought to justice, questions still linger about the fate of ‘Ntisong’. This play examines the advantages and disadvantages of ‘black art’ mysticism in Africa.

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ISBN 9789956558902 | 60 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2009 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback

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  • An Evil Meal of Evil 27 June 2010 21:30, author(s)-editor(s) Isaiah Ayafor, PhD, Professor, English Composition and Professional Writing (...)

    Langmia has a great sense of language function, especially the expression of meaning in multilingual resources put at the disposal of the various characters. The central language of the play is English but it carries a local colour or it portrays heavy appropriation of the English language. In this sense, meaning is not in English syntax as it is traditionally expressed in the English language; it is meaning as expressed in indigenous African languages such as Mungaka in the play. The reader finds the effectiveness of cynicism and mockery through extended rhetorical questions, open questions and statements put into question form.

    Isaiah Ayafor, PhD, Professor, English Composition and Professional Writing Montgomery College, USA