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University of Bamenda: Presidential decree gives a picture

Friday 11 March 2011

The President of the Republic has signed a decree that lays down the administrative and academic organisation of the University of Bamenda.

According to the decree, the University of Bamenda shall be a corporate body with an Anglo-Saxon style of management.

The University shall be subjected to the law, regulation and obligations binding all public institutions.

The management team shall consist of; chancellor, council, pro chancellor, senate, vice Chancellor, one or more deputy vice chancellors, and other relevant officials of the University.

The University shall comprise faculties, schools, colleges, Institutes and all teaching units of the university.

The Minister of Higher Education shall be the Chancellor. He shall take precedence before all other members of the University.

The Pro Chancellor who is chairman of the Council shall be a knowledgeable and highly respected personality with experience in administrative and developmental matters. He shall be appointed by decree. He shall chair all meetings of the council which is the supreme governing body of the University.

The Vice Chancellor on his part shall be the chief executive and academic head of the university and ex-officio chairman of the senate. He shall be of professorial rank and appointed by decree.

The University of Bamenda shall be made up of;

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Law and Political Science

Faculty of Economics and Management Science

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Health science

The College of Technology

The Higher Institute of Commerce and Management

The Higher Institute of Transport and logistics

The Higher Teachers’ Training College of Bamenda in Bambili

The Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College of Bamenda in Bambili

Given the stipulations of the Presidential decree, it is evident that the University of Bamenda is the second Anglo-Saxon university in the country after the University of Buea.

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