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Langaa RPCIG 2008 Annual Report

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Here are our achievements in 2008:

-  Centre was set up as planned.
-  Equipment and computers acquired as planned.
-  We published 37 titles, above the 30 mark that was set for the year. Amongst this number, there were also non-Cameroonian authors.
-  We witnessed a very high increase in manuscript submissions and publications requests from both Cameroonian and non Cameroonian authors.
-  Two research projects were able to kick off.
-  We have also witnessed an increase in visits to the centre, congratulatory messages and calls for collaboration.
-  We received 1500 British Pounds from African Books Collective, Oxford, from the sale of Langaa books by Print on Demand.
-  We are still unable to fully run without financial support. However, this is expected to change in 2009.
-  In 2009, we intend to increase output to 50 books and begin a special series for academic publishing.
-  We also plan to increase accommodation at the centre so as to move gradually towards sustainability.
-  We have also begun negotiations with the Dordrecht City Council in the Netherlands for funding publications on local culture and writer exchange.
-  The number of French language and, especially indigenous language publications will increase.

See online: Download the full report here

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  • Langaa RPCIG 2008 Annual Report 15 June 2009 02:49, author(s)-editor(s) Gilbert Doho

    Hi all, This what I call economic nationalism. The day that we will controle the institutions of knowledge production will be the beginning of our freedom. Books published in Africa are marked of such economic nationalism. I salute your effort and do count on me to be a member. I have always prileged publishing home to publishing abroad. Best Doho