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In Tribute to Mwalimu: Ali A. Mazrui, A Global African

Monday 27 October 2014

October 2014 February 24, 1933 - 12 October 12, 2014

Dear Francis,

As one of our friends wrote, bemoaning the passing of our author, friend and mentor, "A giant tree has fallen." Indeed, Mwalimu Ali (affectionately identified as such by many) is a uniquely irreplaceable Giant Tree. Professor Ali A. Mazrui, a devoted and committed scholar, an erudite speaker and debater, and truly someone touched and spirited by the African condition, has passed. His life and work was informed by his true love and care for Africa, his birthplace. His last resting place was in his birthplace in the hills of Mombasa, Kenya.

Mwalimu will be much missed, but his life’s work and contribution to African and global scholarship lives in many of his published works, and in the many children, friends, students and colleagues he left behind. We experienced him as a kind and caring global citizen, who had absolutely no negative thing to say about those who challenged him, fiercely disagreed with him and unkindly tried to besmirch his name. As a true scholar he was committed to the search of the truth in politics and history.

We will always remember him as a giant whose "Triple Heritage" informed his relations with people around the world, with ideas and the intellectual pursuit therein. He was, surely, a Global Citizen who commensurated with Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. He respected and studied all religions, regions and peoples of the world. He was definitely a bridge builder. And this bridge builder is no more among the living, but his ideas, his writings, and his spirit live and will continue to inform and inspire us.

A journey of Peace, Mwalimu. May the ancestors celebrate your joining them as we celebrate your life and work here on Earth.

Please enjoy Dr. Toyin Falola’s wonderful tribute to Mwalimu Ali A. Mazrui in this newsletter below.


Kassahun Checole, Publisher