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Fireside Catch Fire. Live from LESA GLOBAL: Restoration of Insults in Restoration 2013

Saturday 12 January 2013

If anyone is waiting for Golden Jubilee News and tune to fireside, the bombastic accounts drip like wounded and embattled warriors returning from Beirut, boiling and spoiling for a catastrophic epoch to avenge their vanished power.

The new "interim regime" replacing the former LESA Alumnae executives could be afraid of the unruliness of its inherited constituents or is yet to demonstrate any moderating muscle over them. Yonder, no word of caution from LESA Cameroon, the mother of koshing moguls. There, in LESA Global, the saddest part is when a victim is dehumanized by mauling insults. No leader of any meaning summons a teaspoon of moral courage to confront the torturer(s). They keep quiet for dear life. The victim has to unsubscribe or stay miserable, having been battered for the lesson of: tow the line.

Hear it from all other people, the Golden Jubilee was a success and the Steering Committee did its gracious best under very challenging and constraining circumstances.

Not so! cries a crew. Some around the fireside will not be consoled in the aftermath. But Diamond is not around the corner for avenge now. Blood has been promised for restoration to come.

Never, I say never, in the history of man or womankind, in the annals of Jubilees - of any kind in the globe - has there been a post Jubilee venom spew and stew in anger. Not to say anything about woman pikins, talk less of Christians. The attached document has small samples of the koshes and spilling - not all. Readers or spectators learnt that there were three writing as Lady Gold.

One of the Ladies Gold decried the gala MC, LESAN relation, as non-stakeholder OPSAN. Never mind that the renown talent galvanized the crowd and in a two million francs donation to unveil the Jubilee uniform while the venom spiller wrote a "tufia kwa" mail to threaten the principal. All these could have made for a riveting comedy if they were not facts supported by irrefutable evidence.

Read it in its original form.....manners have plummeted to depths with Alumnae telling a former student who could be her mother: God punish you....when the fireside book is going to the Pope. The God punish you insulter’s mother is also a former student in the forum. Manhandling the principal, tearing the veil are deemed appropriate remedies. O yes, the silence in face of undiluted barbarism is deafening. And yet, somehow, a sect has moral lessons to teach. Morals are wishes transforming to horses, right? And we are in holistic education.

God forbids journalists from seeing the end results of His Grace’s and His Eminence’s genuine means to broker peace.

Old encourages the young and the young buoys the old in the spree to hurt in all things petty. For examples: how can microphone produce beef; not buying book inducing urges to beat people; no high table when it was not paid for unleashing fits of woes? Do not forget that in all you can ever read, there is no place where the issue is the substance of a program that could have advanced the college but was denied or contributions to the Jubilee project that was undermined. No, non, nyet, the gripe is all about personalities and visceral tidings, accusations with no evidence.

Ordinary humans could read: LESA Cameroon and affiliates aka LESA Global were free to preside over whatever LESA Cameroon and affiliates organized exclusively for their fireside and cabaret members, including LESA Cameroon and affiliates Giving Back to Community -rice, beans, onions, oil were their cups of tea to do as they pleased. Nobody disturbed them from wearing the Blue uniform or the 4oth anniversary Ruby uniform for the 50th anniversary of the college. So what is the hue and lamentation?

The Golden Jubilee Committees were to handle what involved everyone as a matter of fairness and inclusiveness. If the gala was not produced by the Mistress of Ceremonies Committee and there was no effective communication, how it is reasonable for MCs that were never known to the gala organizers to simply appear at the hours of the gala - no prior interaction with those responsible for the gala? That makes any sense to the ears of anyone in a non-banana Republic? Even in Sunday school bazaar, the MC is expected to be on the same mental wavelength with organizers; specifics are discussed, the human dynamics and inter-personal relationships are key over cerebral articulation. Any other thing is sublime subterfuge or even hostile meandering. Hostile does not necessarily mean naked aggression. It could be very subtle disregard for rhyme and reason. It could be a conscious or unconscious behavior but whatever it is, great harm is known to happen when lack of cooperation and communication are elements in planning. Not even geniuses are wired to second guess intent; that is the work of sorcerers whereas there was no tea leaf reading or crystal ball committee.

As there was liberty in options, there should have been joy and satisfaction in respective jurisdictions if the angered knew the basic: For decorum, it is never okay to blur the lines or attempt the ill-advised with brazenness. It was not an alumni Jubilee; it was a college Jubilee. It was not for leverages that had nothing to do with a college Jubilee.

Is it remotely conceivable that guests would travel from far and near to attend the Golden Jubilee and be looking for the President of the Golden Jubilee (as someone gave the never heard before title) and her followers? What would have been the productive context? During the March past, the church, and all other activities, former students were invisible?

On the matter of high table, tables were paid for. It is a megalomaniac sense of entitlement for any former student to think they could get free entrance to the gala or be seated where someone else paid for. Now, which fools were supposed to meet the cost of the Jubilee if others had freebies?

So what is the inferno about being disrespected? Ordinary minds would scratch their heads at ideas to usurp roles leading to clash, crash, catch fire.

The revamping restoration 2013 to 2007 in America and Tubah 2013 in Cameroon have hit the roof screaming. Women are insulted from their looks to anything. At a point, one cultured LESAN was apparently confused, did know which side it was, and had to find out that there are two LESAs by using google. She is waiting to see. Another cultured LESAN wondered whether God made a mistake of creating women.

Gentle readers, worry not. Better news with pictures will be coming your way. The Golden Jubilee in Cameroon was a SUCCESS.

If insults from some former students of Our Lady of Lourdes do not stop, a collection of these crudities and barbarism may be sent to other Archdioceses and to the Apostolic Nuncio. This mail is copied to His Grace, Father Neba and others. Women cannot just decide to open online torture groups and become cyber terrors - and get away with impunity.

Our sisters must have miscued their support from His Grace, misunderstood the homily in an upside down fashion that must have led to their overrated ability to subject the Jubilee to a subset of the LESA Cameroon and allies. Hopefully, REALITY would attain higher use in LESA Lexicon if any lesson is learnt. There is no need for tantrums.


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