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Announcing readafricanbooks.com

Monday 13 June 2016

A new promotional tool for African Books Collective and publishers. 

African Books Collective is pleased to announce a new place where browsers can read about African books online. 

readafricanbooks.com has been built for ABC and publishers to promote books and African publishing generally. The site’s design is very “light” for easy viewing on mobile phones or slower connections. 

The site is offers browsers the option to read:

EXTRACTS: Here browsers can read parts of a book: a chapter; introduction; a poem or even a short story. If you would like to feature an extract in this section please send us the piece as a text file. You may also like to feature unpublished works by some of your authors. Or you could choose to serialise a title, releasing parts bit-by-bit over a given time period as part of your promotion. The choice is yours, this tool is yours, so let us know how you would like to use it. This is a very quick and easy way for you to point readers to a sample of your books.

CONTRIBUTOR PICKS: A little bit like reviews except these are people ABC has asked to read books for us. We plan to approach contributors in specialist areas: librarians, scholars and educators. If you have suggestions as to who we could approach please let us know. 

REVIEWS: If one of your books has received a good review and you have permission to re-post the entire review we would like to receive it. We will post reviews we have received, but would love to mix that up with reviews from media where you are. 

COMMENT: In 1999 ABC published the African Writers Handbook which included contributions on African publishing and writing. As a way of getting this section started we have republished four of those pieces on readafricanbooks.com. ABC would like to hear from publishers, writers and other experts about issues pertinent to the publishing climate now. We are also interested in hearing what you as publishers would find useful here. We also hope that this section will be of some use to students of publishing in Africa. A lot is written about African publishing outside Africa, but African publishers are not often heard. We want to change that.Let us know your ideas, ideas you wish to share with your fellow publishers and book fans.

Overall we are happy to let this site evolve around your needs as publishers, we have built the tool and it is awaiting your content and a community.readafricanbooks.com was launched with your own markets in mind as well as ours.

Please point to readafricanbooks.com in your social or traditional media. ABC already has a big following in Africa on social media so is able to direct traffic your way. Currently we have no comments enabled and will encourage discussions to take place on our Facebook page

Visit readafricanbooks.com, have a read, a think and do get involved.


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